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Above is the UPDC VMP2, a 15-storey speculative office block designed and built for the commercial Real Estate market. Our client, UAC property Development Company (UPDC) is one of the UAC conglomerates specialising in the Real Estate market. The VMP2 office Development is part of the UPDC Victoria Mall Plaza (VMP) city centre strip development complex on Bishop Aboyade cole street,Victoria Island, Lagos.The entire city centre development consists of four complementary developments: 1. A 12-storey luxury Block of Flats with complimentary recreation facilities comprising a swimming pool,a lawn tennis court, and a squash court.This development is completed and occupied. 2. The 15-storey office block,newly completed 3. A 15-storey shopping mall complex comprising shops,flats and multi-storey car park,construction of which is about to start,following completion of piling works 4. A second 15-storey office complex presently undergoing the pre-contract stage

Below: IHL 47 Marina development (LEFT), UPDC Victoria Mall Plaza (VMP3) Shopping mall Exterior
(CENTRE) and Exterior of EKO Bank head office.(RIGHT) and other various commercial projects.


















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